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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Father's Day

I have a great father.  I call him dad.  He is a strong Christian man, and has worked very hard all of his life.  He taught me to be honest since I was a little girl.  My dad is an outdoors man, enjoying hunting and fishing all of his life.  He raises cattle on the farm I grew up on, and would rather work than sit around.  He has been a source of strength for myself and many other people.  Everyone looks up to my dad because they know he will help them, or give them good advice.  The one saying my dad always taught me that stuck with me and became more real to me as I got older is " what goes around comes around"  It is true!

I'm sure we can all think of great things about our fathers on Father's Day. 

I hope you will comment and share something about your father here.

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