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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

Here we are in the week of Thanksgiving! One of my favorite holidays!  My husbands 2 sisters went all out and bought us a grand Thanksgiving meal from The Cracker Barrell Resturant! Our fave! God bless them!  We don't know how we will feel from day to day, so we can't make definite plans to get with family, and that is why his lovely sister's did this for us. They are precious!  We also got a 100 dollar gas card for early Christmas gift. What a wonderful surprise!

I am thankful for so many things, that is would fill a book!  My family and friends! My warm home and car, pets, food, clothing, medicine, and I could go on and on.....God knows my heart. I am thankful for his son Jesus and for saving my soul from sin.

Israel is having to defend herself from Hamas as I write this. my heart goes out to the innocent people being affected by this turmoil. God always backs Israel, who are his chosen people. They win because of this. They can not stand back and be bombarded by missiles from their enemies. They must fight back! May God have his way. Please pray for the people.

I am enjoying our little puppy, Molly. We take her to the dog park several afternoons a week. She has so much fun running with the other doggies. It gets my hubby and I out of the house too. She is a ball of white, soft fur. She is a sweetie, and loves attention like a little kid. lol.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you are!  I pray for those who don't have food and shelter. I pray we can all reach out to someone this Thanksgiving, and make a difference in a life.

Jesus is coming back soon to take his bride, the church, home! What a glorious day that will be!  I Thought of this as I looked at the half moon tonight, and watched beautiful white clouds sweep by it. I thought of Heaven, and the angels, and most of all of God.  He is infinite and all knowing.

May God bless yu all today and always!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Living Cheap

Hi everyone!    Well so much happens in such a short time in life!  Wouldn't you agree?  Today I would like to say " Praise The Lord from whom all blessing flow!"  Today is the Lord's day and I am rejoicing in his merciful grace and salvation of souls through the blood of Christ, who died on the cross in our place. Amen! Asking Jesus into your heart is the way you become saved for eternal life with the Lord,  in Heaven, when you die, or become Raptured.

I have had some miraculous answers to prayer since I wrote my last blog entry. We have been in much need of money, and we were blessed with $350.00 extra dolloars unexpectedly this month, that kept our electric from being shut off. Also, I have been praying for a free doggie, and that John would agree to. God does everything better than we can imagine.....I happened to be looking on Craig's list for a nice puppy that someone wanted to give away. I found one! A lady gave me a Morkie, which is a Maltese and Yorkie mix. She is white on her body, and cream colored on her ears.  She just turned 5 months old, and her name is Molly. She came with her food, 3 beds, 2 blankets, collar, leash, crate, toys, water and food bowls, potty pads and a tray for them She is up to date on her shots, and she goes on the piddle pads, and or outside, which makes it good for us in case the weather gets snowy or icy, or in cas we are ill and can not take her outside. She goes outside also, which gets me out of the house and moving more. Thank you Lord for your love to me and our puppy. PTL!!!

I have really gotten into the Cheapskate  websights lately. I am always trying to find new ways to save money. Aren't we all? The holidays are coming soon, and there is always room somewhere to save. I want to share some of my ideas with you, and direct you to some sights that teach more about ways to save money. Please share your thought on this and any other subject.


The best way to survive is by asking God to provide for you. He will!

Also cooking at home can save you lots of money. Freeze what you don't use, and save money! Freeze y6our own ice if you don't have and ice maker. Turn all lights off in the rooms you are not using. Unplug appliances that are not in use, and watch your electric bills drop. Freeze fruits or vegetables that may go bad before you use them.

Soups are a cheap way to eat. Make home made soups with stew meat, beef bone, or chicken. Use a can of mixed vegetables, beef broth, tomatoes chopped up, or what ever you woul like. It can fee you or your family for a few meals. Ham and beans are an excellant meal, make some corn bread to go with them, and have a pickle and onion on the side. Yum! Yum!  If you have any leftover, you can eat it, or make refried beans with them.

Clothing from Good Will is nice because it has been tested and weathered to show it's strength. I like it because you can afford name brand clothing from Good Will or other thrift stores. Shoes are already broke in, and clothing fits better when it has been broke in also. Usually you can purchase items that are lightly used or brand new. Thrift stores are the new department store. You will be surprised what you can save by shopping at these bargain stores.  the Dollar Tree and Dollar General are excellant stores to visit! they carry many items that are needed for everyday use and holidays at less than half the price of other stores.

Now to talk about the tragedies left from Hurricane Sandy. It breaks my heart to see fellow Americans is such dire need of basic items. Food, clothing, electricity, homes, and worst of all, loss of lives.  It turned the hands of time back for millions with basic needs not met. Gasoline has become so scarce for heating with genrators, and gas to travel in and around their own neighborhoods.
Please pray for these people, and give to the Salvation Army or the Red Cross in your area...We must reach out to our fellow Americans at this very difficult time. Remember, It could be your neighborhood, your home loss, your relatives in need someday.....

So during this month of Thanksgiving, let's give. Give love, hugs, food, clothing, money, anything you feel your friends, relatives, or neighbors need, and give as unto the Lord

If we would help each other, the needs of our world could be met.

Here are some websites that I want to share with you. God Bless!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Late Night Chatter

Two weeks until the presidenial election. Can you believe it?  The last four years have flown by.  My husband and I will be voting for Romney/Ryan.  We feel that they will be good for America.  They believe in God, Country, the people, jobs, a strong military, friends of Israel, and will make good leaders under any circumstance.

I couldn't fall asleep tonigh from jus thinking about so many things. First I said some prayers, and the next thing I knew, I was thinking about this and that. lol.  So I decided to work on my new post.

Financially so many people are struggling in this economy. We are for sure! We have cut back on our phones, food, gasoline, electric, clothing, and everything that we possibly could.  We are praying everyday that the Lord will show us, and lead us through this tough time. My husband and I are disabled, and on disability. We have had to make some real changes in our lifestyle to make the ends meet, and they still don't. Hospital bills, and certain other bills, have to go to the wayside, or we can't eat,  buy our medicines, or have gas to go to our doctors.  It's just what it is nowadays.  Many are in the same boat as us, or worse.  I have been combing through websites on frugality and cheapskate articles and blogs to get ideas on getting by on almost nothing. We were going to give our apartment up and look for a smaller, cheaper one. But hubby decided we will try to stay here if at all possible.  It's not a real expensive apartment, and we have a handicap parking spot in front of it, and a walk on level with  only one small step. We are trusting God for miracles each month to help us, and He always does.PTL!

Our little bird, Paco is really talking now. He is such a smart tiny bird.  We enjoy him so much!  His words are, Peekaboo, I'm a pretty boy, I'm a sssssilly bird, the wolf whistle, Bob White whistle, Whipoorwill , and other chatter that we are not sure of yet. He is only about 5 inches long, but great entertainment!

I had a couple of rough weeks with the fibromyalgia and arthritis. everytime a cold front comes in to our neck of the woods I have severe pain. Thank God I am some better now.  I am going to a new pain management doctor tomorrow, well, later this morning. lol.  I don't like going to new doctors, but, I changed insurances to save money, and now I have all new dr's. Scary. I pray that they will keep my medicines the same as my former Rhuematologist had prescribed. It helped me, and I have terrible side effects from medicines, and it is difficult for dr's to find something that works to kill the pain without causing me more complications from crazy side effects. We'll see....

Looks like we are having a nice fall. Warm weather mostly, which I love.  I'm sure we are in for some dips in the temperatures as it gets later in October and into November. But so far, so good!

I found a new show on Discovery channel that I really enjoy.  It is called,  Alaska, The Last Frontier. It was on last night. The show is about real back country people, who have lived in the rugged back country of Alaska for a few generations now. It is excellant!  My other favorites are Cheapskates, on TLC, and Gold Rush, on Friday nights on Discovery Channel.  Gold Rush has a brand new season beginning this Friday night. These are reality shows that I can really enjoy!

People are mentioning Christmas already, and I am thinking it is still a long way off.  I want to get past Happy Harvest, and Thansgiving, before I get too excited about Christmas this year.  I just hope I am able to afford a few gifts this year. I love to give more than anything, and I am praying God will help me with that also. I may try to make some gifts this year.

May God bless you!  Thank you for reading my blog. If you have any ideas on frugal living, please feel free to share them here.

Friday, October 12, 2012

I am going to see my parents and other family members this weekend. It's been a while, and my dad just turned 81 this week. I just feel that I need see them. They live on a farm and it's refreshing to go home for a visit. I'll get some fresh air, visit with my sister and my mom also. Go to church with them on Sunday and see so many friends and family that attend there also.  I need a break, and I will enjoy the leaves changing into their pretty fall colors, I'll see dad's cattle and get some pears from their pear trees. Yum!

My hubby stays home and has a bachelor's life for a couple of days.  He'll eat hamburgers, pizza, play on his computer, and watch movies. My Parrotlet will wonder where mommy is. He is my sweetie bird!

I'll try to take some pictures to post here next week sometime.  I love to take pictures, although I'm not a real great photographer.  But as long as I don't cut off someone's head, it'll do. Ha! Ha!

We watched the debate last night. Biden was so crazy acting, like her was snockered or on speed or something. I mean, he surely can be stupid on his own, but last night took the cake.....Ya gotta laugh! Or you'll cry about it!  We are for  Romney Ryan. They are true gentlemen! We feel that they are going to be great for leaders of our country.

I would like to share with you today about the End Times and the Rapture.  

Hal Lindsey has been a true man of God for years. I read his first book in 1974, Called The Late great Planet Earth.
Hal lindsey is annointed by God to teach the gospel, explain the scriptures and compare today's news to the prophecies of the Bible.  I urge you to go to his website, and listen to his videos.  Also his article are very good to. He is an humble man, and very kind in his teaching.

I look so forward to Christ's return for his believers, to take us home to be with him in the air. What an awesome day that will be.  We will not have any more worries, or illness, fear, and we will be with our Lord in Heaven at last.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Two posts in a row! Wow! I am breaking my!  I have told my wonderful friends on Facebook and Twitter about my little blog and I am hoping they will find it interesting and add their comments to it.

Our temperatures are swingin around here in St Louis this week. Fall, then Indian Summer and back to fall weather. It's nice and cool mostly! Sweat jacket weather! I love it!!!  I still have a big tomato plant surviving on my deck. It is loaded with small green tomatoes. If it stays decently warm through November as predicted, I may just have some fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving.  Or, i may have to bring the poor little things in and let them ripen in the house wrapped in newspaper. That is what we did with our tomatoes when I lived in Northern Idaho back in the late 70's and early 80's. We would pick the tomatoes, wrap them in newspaper, place them in a flat box, and turn them every day or two. We had them through November when there was snow on the ground outside. 

Really, I am not much of a gardener now, due to the aches and pains that I live with. But I grew up on a 240 acre farm and dad always grew a huge garden. Us kids would help weed it, and pick the veggies, then help mom clean them and get them ready to can. So I do know how to grow things

I found a Chinese Curly Lucky plant by the dumpster here at our apartment, and it was alsmost dead. I put it in a clear vase filled it with water, and it id beautiful now. I plan to put a Betta Fish in with it and I hear that they are good for the plant.

I have some ground chicken and Amish noodles on cooking for supper. Yes, I am cooking once again. lol. My kids thought I retired from cooking after they left home.  I turned 56 in August and began cooking again.  It's a miracle! I'm joking. It's because I realized we were spending too much money eating out.

My hubby will feel better if he starts eating at home instead of his fast food addiction to cheese burgers and fries.  They are not on his liver and kidney diet. I hope that I can keep the cooking going, and that he (picky eater), will eat it.

I have been reading those Cheap Skate sights on the web and getting alot of ideas on cutting the cost of living down.  You never know what I will do next.....Ha! Ha!  I am in such a kidding mood tonight.  Maybe it is from taking a short walk this evening and breathing all of that fresh air outside.

My dad's birthday is today. I think he is now 81 or 82. He has been blessed with good health and still cuts wood, brush hogs, fixes fence, raises cattle, hunts and fishes, goes to church every time there is a service, and helps mom clean now that he has been retired for a long time.  When we talk on the phone, he always tells me what all he is doing, and the thought of it makes me tired.  He has always loved working and staying busy.  I imagine that is why he is in such good shape.  I thank God for my parents, and that they brought me up in a Christian home.

Jesus is coming soon for his wonderful bride, the Church.  Every believer will be caught up with him in The rapture.  Are you ready?  I hope so. If not, have a little talk with Jesus and ask him into your heart today.  God bless all who read my blog.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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Well Hello!  I have been on a hiatis!  Just out of comission!  I'm back and will try my best to do better with this blog. 

I had to let my toto doggie go to another home. He kept snapping at me for no apparant reason. He was very bipolar. The vet. kept telling me it was just the breed. I don't know, but I believe he was part sweetheart and part angry dog!  I have a Parrotlet named Paco now. He will only get 7 inches long. He is a sweetie and talks like his namesake, the Amazon Parrot. He is just like a miniature Green Amazon.  He is perfect for my apartment living. He is not real loud like most parrots.

My husband John is hanging in there with his liver problems. He had a shunt put through his liver, and that iproved his well being greatly. Modern medicine is marvelous! God is Awesome!

We have really been hit financially with the hospital bills from all of John's stays in the hospital. We are trusting in the Lord to help us through this rough tie. Since we are both on disability, our income is very limited, and adding any extra bills, are just siply out of our reach.  If you have any suggestions on how to make a little income online, they would be much appreciated.

  I have a little webpage at yolasite. about hair cuts and hair styles. I tried to monetize it somewhat   . is the web page name. I hope you check it out.

Here it is fall already, and I'm still wondering where summer went. I swam alot in our pool here at the apartment complex this summer. It was wonderful! John swam some also.  I plan to join the YMCA this fall since I get a free membership with my new health insurance.  I still wish we were in Florida instead of St Louis....but I try to be real about it. This is where our family and dr's are, so we are too.

Our grand chilren are growing so fast. Drake is in Kindergarten, Abby is 3 now, drake's little sister Macey is 2 1/2 and Caleb, our youngest is almost 2 1/2.  We enjoy our grand babies! They make everyday bright!

We have two little American flags on our deck. I am leaving them up until after the election. John and I are voting for Romney Ryan. We want our country to get back to it's roots in the Constitutionand a stronger military. Also we want people in the White House who are for God and the American people. putting people back to work. I hope everyone goes out and votes Nov. 6th.

I went dumpster diving( I didn't dive in) :D  I found so many good things that I could use here at home. Itook all that I don't use and give to others. I wash oit first. Feed My People is a great cause! they help John and I out with food every 2 weeks. I highly recommend giving to them,

Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here once again.  I love that holiday! I love to give and be Thankful to God for all he does for me.

God bless you all!  I'll be back for more, and hope you enjoy my blog!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Here It is Valentine's Eve!

I have been gone from blogging for quite a while now.  My husband, John took a turn for the worst with his liver disease shortly before Christmas and has been in and out of the hospital ever since.  He almost died 2 times in January  due to a catheter in his lung that got infected. he ended  up with sepsis, pneumonia, and an amoeba, which almost killed him. Then kidney failure, and lots of prayer and God gave him miracles and he is home now! We are so blessed and happy!

Since we can no longer move to Florida, I moved us into a lovely apartment in the South County of St Louis. We love it here and it is very lovely!  it is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath with a nice large living room and deck, also storage.  We had it painted to our liking and bought new furniture.

The doctors expected my hubby to be back at the hospital by now, but God is keeping him stable

He has lost 77pounds because he can not eat due to thrush he had in the hospital, and his stomach has shrunk.  While he was hospitalized the liver team did a transplant workup  on him and we found out that if he loses 39 more pounds, he will be eligible for a liver transplant.  Yay!.

God is in control!!!!!  it has tested my faith, but increased it all the more.

If you have your health, you really do have everything!  Happy Valentines Day from our house to yours!  Hugs to everyone!!!!!!

Love someone and hug and kiss those you love! Tell them you love them and show them also!!!!