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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Two posts in a row! Wow! I am breaking my!  I have told my wonderful friends on Facebook and Twitter about my little blog and I am hoping they will find it interesting and add their comments to it.

Our temperatures are swingin around here in St Louis this week. Fall, then Indian Summer and back to fall weather. It's nice and cool mostly! Sweat jacket weather! I love it!!!  I still have a big tomato plant surviving on my deck. It is loaded with small green tomatoes. If it stays decently warm through November as predicted, I may just have some fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving.  Or, i may have to bring the poor little things in and let them ripen in the house wrapped in newspaper. That is what we did with our tomatoes when I lived in Northern Idaho back in the late 70's and early 80's. We would pick the tomatoes, wrap them in newspaper, place them in a flat box, and turn them every day or two. We had them through November when there was snow on the ground outside. 

Really, I am not much of a gardener now, due to the aches and pains that I live with. But I grew up on a 240 acre farm and dad always grew a huge garden. Us kids would help weed it, and pick the veggies, then help mom clean them and get them ready to can. So I do know how to grow things

I found a Chinese Curly Lucky plant by the dumpster here at our apartment, and it was alsmost dead. I put it in a clear vase filled it with water, and it id beautiful now. I plan to put a Betta Fish in with it and I hear that they are good for the plant.

I have some ground chicken and Amish noodles on cooking for supper. Yes, I am cooking once again. lol. My kids thought I retired from cooking after they left home.  I turned 56 in August and began cooking again.  It's a miracle! I'm joking. It's because I realized we were spending too much money eating out.

My hubby will feel better if he starts eating at home instead of his fast food addiction to cheese burgers and fries.  They are not on his liver and kidney diet. I hope that I can keep the cooking going, and that he (picky eater), will eat it.

I have been reading those Cheap Skate sights on the web and getting alot of ideas on cutting the cost of living down.  You never know what I will do next.....Ha! Ha!  I am in such a kidding mood tonight.  Maybe it is from taking a short walk this evening and breathing all of that fresh air outside.

My dad's birthday is today. I think he is now 81 or 82. He has been blessed with good health and still cuts wood, brush hogs, fixes fence, raises cattle, hunts and fishes, goes to church every time there is a service, and helps mom clean now that he has been retired for a long time.  When we talk on the phone, he always tells me what all he is doing, and the thought of it makes me tired.  He has always loved working and staying busy.  I imagine that is why he is in such good shape.  I thank God for my parents, and that they brought me up in a Christian home.

Jesus is coming soon for his wonderful bride, the Church.  Every believer will be caught up with him in The rapture.  Are you ready?  I hope so. If not, have a little talk with Jesus and ask him into your heart today.  God bless all who read my blog.


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