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Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday was a cold rainy day in Missouri. I went to church with my extended family. The pastor there is the most eloquent speaker! He is very knowlegable about the Bible.

Today I am just resting and cleaning house a bit. I am planning to write a new article at Ezine. I'm glad the sun came back out, but it is suppose to rain again.

I am going to try eating one to two teaspoons of local honey a day to see if it will help cure my allergies. My allergy specialists say they want to make me their poster child, because they can't seem to help me with these allergies. This year is supposedly one of the worst years for allergies in a long time.

Let's all pray that we can keep our freedoms here in the United States. Be politically educated and aware of the truth about what is happening in our country to make government more in control of our lives and allowing it to take away our freedoms.

Let freedom ring!

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