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Thursday, April 29, 2010

We The People

Please read the Declaration of Independence.

I believe " We The People" need to remember that we are under God and that the DOI declares this.

I believe God has protected our country from many upheavals in the past. I also believe that He is removing His hand of protection from us because our country is beginning to deny Him in many ways. Such as taking him out of schools, and discrimination against His name on placks in public places, and prayer to Him in countless situations.

It also declares that we are the reason there is a government and the government officials are our employees. Now why does it seem that some government officials forget this and not listen to what their employer is saying?

We do have rights and freedoms, and we need to use them why we still have them. We need to educate and re-educate ourselves on our constitutional rights as American citizens. Education is power for the people. We have the documents that were fought for with blood to gain our freed om as a nation. We have been a great nation because we have been one nation under God since our birth!

I watched a very good show on the History Channel last night called "America the Story of Us."
This show told about how our country came into existance and how amazing the story really was. We were a small band of peoples fighting a huge British Army and naval fleet, (I had forgotten this from my history classes in school.) When you watch this re-enactment, you have to realize that God was on our side from the beginning because we were truly a God loving people.

I encourage you to take the time on the internet to research our constitution and founding documents. I think we should remember why we have been a great country and not take our freedoms for granted.

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