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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Rainy Spring Day & Other Stuff

Yes, it has been raining every day this week in St Louis. Poor weather people, it tricks them! was suppose to be dry for the last 2 days. glad I didn't have the yard sale planned today! lol

Rain is good for the plants though! Did you plant a garden?

I will be glad when the Mississppi and Missouri river's get out of flood stage so I can go fishing. They are both 10 minutes from my house.

It is a good day to be inside! I like to be on the computer on these days. my doggies like to sleep in their crates on these days inside.

Where does the time go? Today and this whole week has flown by for me! Does time fly for you also?

Do you like the outdoors? Write and share your comments. Maybe you can share some good ideas for outdoor activities....

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