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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When All Of The Grandbabies Come Close Together

What a blessing it is to have grandbabies!     Mine are 4 yrs old, 7 months,1 week, and a new arrival soon!  What a blessed, exciting time!  They are all unique little people with their own looks and personalities.  It is I, grandma,or ga ga, as they call me, that is staying busy seeing all of them.  They all live a 30 minute drive or more from me, and 2 live a 2 hour drive away from me.  So grandma is doing alot of traveling these days, happily so.  Babies are definitely a gift from God!   I  love them all so much!

I  do not understand  how anyone could abort a baby.  They are individuals that are created to carry on the life here on earth, to be, and live and grow!

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