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Friday, August 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy, and life keeps going by!

Is it me or does life seem to be passing by at a high rate of speed these days?   I get up it's Monday and I turn around and Friday is here!  I don't even work any longer outside of the home, and it still moves a warp speed!

Summer goes by quickly any year...but this year it has been too hot to get out and enjoy the summer days here in Missouri.

Life is a vapor the Bible says and I see what God was talking about now.  We should not take life, family, and friends for granted when we realize the berevity of life.

Hug your child, your loved ones and tell them that you love them.

I'm not getting to blog alot these days, but I hope you enjoy the blog as i put it out there.

Be good to yourself, take time to relax.

Please share your thoughts on this subject.

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