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Thursday, January 22, 2015


A poem I wrote last winter:

 The Cold Wind Blows

There's a cold wind blowing, and it chills me to the bone. My heart is empty, without you by my side.
 I feel the chill and there is no place else to hide, and the cold wind blows
I need you here, to warm me.
 I need your loving  arms around me. You could melt me with your smile.
But the cold wind blows, and there's no where to go,
No place that I can find you. I really need to find you....
 You told me that I was the sunlight in your eyes, You said you'd never be the one to make me cry.
 But now you're gone, and I feel that i might die, without you, without you....
and the cold wind blows, I am ice and I am stone. Thoughts of you they soothe my soul.
 Why am i so all alone? While a north wind...  chills me to the bone.
But the cold wind blows. And my heart is made of stone. I am naked and exposed. Left alone, and no one's home.  While the cold wind blows.

I hope my follower enjoy it. Oh yes, I was grieving and inspired. But happy days are here again, although I am never a fan of winter. Blessing to all! 

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