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Monday, June 14, 2010

A fine Gentleman and Father Of Seven Boys Gunned Down In Cold Blood Over a Property Easement!

The link tells the whole story of what happened to my cousin's ex-husband, who was still always a friend to our whole family.  It is such a tragedy, that was a premeditated  murder!  It is a tragedy!

 Carl was a nice, considerate, man, who worked very hard, and was always there to help if anyone needed it.  He has seven sons from the ages of 30 something down to a seven year old and a wonderful wife and many loved ones and friends.

 He was a great husband, a good father, and a great American citizen and Viet Nam war veteran!     This blog is dedicated to the memory of  Carl Jones.

If you read this I hope you will join me to pray for his loved ones and friends.  Thank you, Pamela

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