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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How Many Roads Must We Walk Down in a Lifetime?

Some people get to stay in the same neighborhood, on the same street, in the same county, the same city as they grew up in, around, or on.    Some folks are able to go to the same church for life, send their kids to the same school that they went to as a kid, and live the dream of the same job all of their lives.

Others have to walk down many roads, move many places, make many new friends over the years, lose their way, their accent, their jobs, go to new churches, become familiar with new areas, and start over.

Life is a challenge for most people these days.  Trying to work and make the ends meet, raising children while both parents have to work, and just trying to get along with the stresses of everyday life.

We all have to learn by experience, and live life to gain the experience with which to learn by.

I thank God that He is there to guide us to where He wants us to be.  I praise God who carries us sometimes when we can't find our way!  I am glad he is the gentle Shepherd who understands us when we don't even understand ourselves.

Some are blessed to stay put and enjoy the center of their universe where they are.  Some of us have traveled far and wide, and back again through our lives. 

When you are a Christian, all roads lead eventually to our final destination one day, which will be Heaven, our final home.

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