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Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Friday Already!

I can't believe it's Friday already.  Where did this week go?  I must be having alot of fun, because time is sure passing by quickly! lol  I guess the holiday on Monday made this a short week .

I was going to pick up after the dogs in the back yard today,  (if ya know what I mean), but I can't find the p___ for the tall grass that my hubby needs to cut.  I tell him he needs to cut it, and he checks the weather channel to see if there is heat or rain and says he will cut it on Sunday.  Sunday  evening I will pick up dog p___.   By the way, this is because I have to, not because I like

We were going to take our car to get it fixed today, and on the way my hubby decides it it running ok.  WELL, on the way back from the car repair shop it begins running badly again.  Go figure!   I suggest to him that we should get it diagnosed before we try to have it repaired.  He agreed, so tomorrow I hope we can get it diagnosed and  fixed.

I am waiting to get a call to go to the hospital for the arrival of my new grandson, Caleb.  my son called and said the doctor told his wife that he could come any day now. She was originally due July 2nd, so I am sitting on ready!  Iwill update the news of his arrival on my blog as I get it.

Allergies and sinus problems, I live with them all of the time and they are so annoying!  Sheesh!  Does anyone have the magic cure?  My doctors sure don't!   They can't even test me for them,  because I can't be off of my med's long enough to get tested.  If anyone knows of the cure, please write and tell me.  Thanks!

I am on a new way of eating, (as people call it these days).  I am not suppose to eat salt, fats, or sugar.  Now, it is a learning process!  The worst culprit of the three is SALT, because salt seems to be in EVERYTHING.  Still, I am educationg myself on this new way of eating and trying to stay with it. 

I heard on tv today that a calkorie is a calorie, no matter what you eat. If more calories go into the body than are burned off=weight gain in the form of fat.

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