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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well, my dogs are in the back yard today.  I am praying for God to protect them from the aggressive.  Since He can do anything, I know He will help.  I read online that  hornets like dog food. Who would've thought it?

I have been Twittering like crazy this morning!  I love that place!  I feel like I get to know people there.  It is a real community!

I am trying to stay on a salt free,(almost), fat free,(almost), sugar free diet.  So far, pretty good!
It is just difficult to find foods that do not have much sodium in them.  I wish we had to salt our own food, period, then I might be able to find some decent food!  If they remove the fat or sugar, they seem to add salt?  Dumb, but true!

Do we have to have so much salt in food ?  I know it is somewhat of a preservative, but get real!  Have you ever looked at the sodium content on food labels?  Sheeshiwahwah!

Now, about that oil spill in the gulf!  I am sick for all who live there and are having to lose their jobs over this, and how sick it is making the wildlife and people!  We must pray for them and the clean up1  We must pray that God stops the leak!

Wildlife are dying by the masses, and washing up on shore.  It is another atrosity!  It is a call to prayer for sure!

Remember, Jesus walked on the water, and God created the universe.  He can fix a hole in the bottom of the ocean.  We must pray, believing!

Have a good day, and hug someone, or give a smile away!

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