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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve 2010

We had multiple tornados here in Missouri today on an unseasonably warm New Year's Eve.  Locally, no one was seriously injured.  God had his hand of protection on multitudes of people. This New Year's Eve will be remembered for the day of the tornados.

It has been a full 2010 for John and I.  We have been through some rough times financially and physically.  God has seen us through each step of the way.

We have had more blessing than I can count.  Two major blessings were the births of our 2 new grandbabies, Macey and Caleb. 

God helped me get disability and healthcare coverage that I desperately needed.
He has provided for us when we didn't know where our next dollars were coming from.  He has led and guided, and given us strength through 2010, as well as answered endless prayers.  For this I give Him Thanks and praise!

John and I will enter 2011 with the expectation of new and blessed days from our Lord. 

God bless you all!   Happy New Year!

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