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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life Today

I thought I would just post about my life today.   We had 10 1/2 inches of snow last week, and then more snow, and cold weather. It is starting to melt now, and we just have to deal with the  dagger looking icicles hanging from our guttering and the refreezing at night.

I am watching my 15 month old grand daughter this week, and she keeps me plenty busy!  She is so cute and funny!  SWeet too.  But she is a bundle of energy, and doesn't like her nap time.  Which is right now.....

Taxes are too high, we are in way too much debt to China, and the pres. gives another speech on T V tonight. I do not listen because I always read between the lines if I do listen, and do not believe a lot of what is said.

My daughter is separated from her husband.

My husband has quit taking care of himself.  He is no longer dieting, taking his medicines correctly, and doesn't keep his doctor's appointments.  With terminal liver disease, it's almost as if he has given up.  This is difficult for me to deal with, as I was hoping he would really try for a liver transplant, and he had a lot going for him in other areas of his health, compared to some.  Now,  short of the Lord healing him, ( which I know He can do), it is tick, tick, tick of the clock until time for him runs out.  I guess I am angry for him not trying to diet, take medicines correctly, and seeing the doctors.
  Frankly, I do not want to lose him!

The grandbabies keep me smiling.     Deep down inside I am weeping.

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  1. Joy and sorrow are mixed together, shaken actually, and we drink it in our fallen world. Just as our Lord did.

    But he is our anchor through all.

    Strength to you.