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Monday, March 7, 2011

Living Lately

We went for a much needed vacation to Florida a couple of weeks ago.  It was like paradise!  We went to Panama City Beach, Florida.  Spring has sprung in Florida!

I made a lot of new friends while vacationing.   We enjoyed our trip so much that we have decided to make it our home, Lord willing...

My grown children are not too happy with me, but I figure they can come to visit us, and enjoy a free vacation.  They are well established in their homes and careers, busy raising their children.  I do not see them much, as it is, they are all so busy with their lives. They do not come to visit now, because I live far from them here in Missouri.

Now, getting ready to move, sheesh! Where are my elves? lol! John and I are neither one able to lift and do heavy duty cleaning, so we will hire that done. We are looking to rent a place in Florida that is work free. A condo with all of the amenities.

I am looking fiorward to the warmth and sunshine to help with my arthritis, and no more allergies!!!!!!!!!!  Yay!

We will only be a 12 hour drive from our family in Missouri.   There is a new airport close by where our condo will be, and we can get very good prices on flights.

We plan to travel the south and sight see when we move to Florida. We will feel better and get outside more. it will be a healthy change for us.  God willing!

We pray it is His will, and we will have a smooth transition to our plan, and be able to move.

We will turn our current home over to a rental agency so that we will now have to worry about the hassle of selling our home in this market. Rental houses are in high demand in our neighborhood.

We will only be able to take one doggie with us, so it will be our lazy little bulldoggie.  We will miss our Springer Spaniel, but she needs more space to roam around in, and we are looking for a good home for her.

John is not doing very well, he has let himself go, much to my dicontent, but God is helping him in spite of himself.  He has also injured his lower back, and is hoping it will heal quickly without surgery.

I am having many problems with my shoulders.  Steroid shots are helping me at this point.  I fell in the ocean and reinjured a knee, steroid shot, I have a knot on my left shoulder, steroid shot.  Fell down my basement stairs the other day, deriere bump 8 stairs.  Now right shoulder and  mybody is sore.  What up wi dat?  -

Life today is something

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