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Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Senseless Tragedy

The Arizona shootings, a horrible, senseless, tragedy.

My own opinion is that Satan influences  people to kill innocent people.  It is a horrible, unreasonable, confusing tragedy. Satan is the author of confusion the Bible points out. Also the Bible says That Satan seeks whom he can kill and destroy.

This is happening in rural areas, all the way to big cities, way too often.  I believe we need to allow God back into our homes, schools, communities, and cities, and mostly in the lives of people.

I believe this is why these hideous killings are happening everywhere, because God is not welcome any longer. 

We as Christians need to pray daily for the salvation of people and safety for all men, women, and children, everywhere!

Tragedies And Why?

We live in a world where men are taught, that God is someone that most have forgot.

A world of danger, fear, and loss, who will save us, if God is for nought?

You wonder why the awful things happen, rage and terror at every turn,
can you hide from it, when will we learn?

 God is our answer, we must not run away.
  He has all of the power on Heaven and earth to save us, no matter what other men say.

 Through Jesus our Saviour we come to Him now,  bending, bowing, crying out loud.

Lord where are you, how could this be?

I need answers, tell me, tell me.

Why did this happen? When will it stop? The pain is unending, the fear is fought.

I am here to tell you. He loves us still the same,
 He is here to help us if we call upon His name. 

Even when our word are tears, and nothing makes any sense,
He already knows our pain, and is there for us once again.

So when we can't talk, walk, or stand, yet we need Him still, he understands.
 You can not always feel Him near, that's when He carries you in His hand.

Getting through the Pamela Bunta

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