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Monday, January 10, 2011

People Need To Get Over Themselves

When I was teenager in the 1970's I lived on a farm.  The small town people that lived in the town where I went to school looked down on the people who lived in the country.  I thought that the people in that small town were really high class citizens.  That is the aire that they gave and it is what others said of them.

That town was very small, and I was being misled by what people were saying.
I realized this as I grew older and had new life experiences. I moved far away for several years, and began to realize just how small that town really was, and how small the lives of the people who thought they were so important were.
They were just hard working folks who had good money making jobs, more so than the folks around them.  By wealthy, I mean, they went to the local garden club, were members of the VFW, the local school board, and acted very stuck up.  They really were not wealthy at all, they just had nice homes, automobiles, and clothing, and put themselves above others.

I grew up to not think I was better than everyone else, to be honest, make do with what I have, and to work very hard.

When I moved away, and would go back to visit this small town, the affluent appearance diminished quickly in my eyes.  Frankly, I think this burst their egotistic bubbles.  I had changed in my thinking, and they had not. I had grown beyond the influence of small town egotism.

As the years flew by, and these folks got older, the town had changed drastically.  Many new people had moved in, the economy had changed, and the town had went downhill.  Businesses had closed, the older people had gotten sick or passed away, and the small town had lost it's so called,  upper classed citizens.

The point that I am trying to make is that, no matter who you are, or how rich or famous you may be or feel, after your life is finished, you are no longer important.

Upper crust citizens, as they are known in some arenas, feel so important because they hide their true selves from everyone else.  They wear false faces,  live false lives in public to try to keep their influence and power over others.  They are just flesh and blood, and defecate like all humans everywhere.  They may look down on others, but in the end they are mortal.  They can become sick, old and weak, lose their money and influence.  But most of all, they eventually die, and their power, money, and influence is gone.  They can not take it with them when they go.

Do you get it?  Knowing this,  is freedom for all people who realize that we are all the same in God's eyes.

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