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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11 Days Till Christmas!

Are you  ready?  That is my question today. How many of you are ready for Christmas 2011?

In this economy, we are still seeing people out shopping this year.  I wonder if everyone out there is cutting back on their purchases?  I really cut back on mine this year, and survived my shopping. lol.  I shopped before Thanksgiving to miss out on all of the crowded parking,  malls that are way too hot,                                     and standing in long  lines at the check out. Yes, I am showing my age! Ha! HA!
 I used to live through the year waiting for the day after Thanksgiving and shopped all the way until Christmas Eve!  My children were small then.
Now I am Ga Ga to my 4 grandchildren, and I still buy for my niece.  Much simpler!

I encourage my grown kids to make us something, or do something for us, instead of spending lots of money on  presents of the commercial sort.  I love home made things nowawadays.

My idea of a nice Christmas is going Christmas caroling,  attending a Christmas program, spending time with family, and relaxing.  Most importantly remembering our Savior, the baby Jesus, and what Christmas is really all about.

NO! I will not say H.H.  I say MERRY CHRISTMAS.   Without Christ's birth, there would not be Christmas.  Now, who in the cat hair ever even thought of leaving Christ out of his own birthday is
 Koo-Koo, Koo-Koo.

I want to hear Merry Christmas songs, all day and night long.   Yeah buddy!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas time....God Bless!

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