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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas is almost Here!

Where have I been?  Whew!!!!   Too busy and neglecting my blog.  I love blogging, but I let my life get in the way too much.  I am goin to try to do better!

On the update front....John's liver disease has gotten worse.  He had neglected taking his medicine correctly and became jaundiced and swollen with fluid.  He was no longer hungry and if he did eat anything, he was immediately full.  Now this is a man that was up to 370 lbs and loved fast food and sweets.  He started losing weight rapidly, which is what the doctors wanted him to do. But,he was heavy and malnourished! I bought him natural juices and Ensure to get him energized again and it has worked to some extent.  The dr. said his liver has regressed and the bile ducts are being destroyed is why he is jaundiced now.

We had finally bought a comversion bus and were very excited about getting down to Florida.  We had to put it in the shop immediately over and electrical issue. ( Nightmare,expensive! ) Six weeks later we got it out of the shop and were out nearly 5,500 dollars!  there were things still wrong with it, but John could fix them if he were up to it. God still works those miracles! John is feeling strong enough now to do some work to it.  We are going to try to sell it. We are on a limited income and can not afford to put any more money in it.  We hope someone will buy it who can do the bit of work to it that needs done and enjoy the bus. It is a nice RV.

We have it advertised several places.  My niece and her feller is suppose to rent our house by next Friday, so we are on a tight scedule.  We are hoping to sell it by then and take off for Florida.  Otherwise we will stay in and extended stay hotel until it gets sold and then go to Florida, Lord willing. John's doctor says we should go now if we are going, because his liver could get bad quickly. It is very unpredictable.
My arthritis and fibromyalgia is acting up in this cold weather. I am on a lot of strong medication. We hope Florida climate will help both of us and we will have to be near good hospitals down there.

My daughters husband left her again. Oh yeah, she went back to him once more! He is so messed up on drugs and alcohol that he doesn't treat her or the baby right. If you are reading this, we need a miracle here!
If you would join me in praying for them, I would sure appreciate it. They can't even afford Christmas again this year. It is a mess.

I haven't decorated for Christmas for the first time in years, due to the fact that we are packing to move.
I have taken my grand daughter that lives close by looking at Christmas lights. She is 2 years old and can really talk. :)  She is very smart and loves the "yights" lol. We have fun and she is so sweet. My grand babies are getting older. Drake is 5 now, his baby sister Macey is 1 1/2 yrs old. Abby is 2, and Caleb is 1 1/2 yrs old.  I will sure miss these babies when we are gone  to live in Florida, but we do not get to see them much now.  I am trying to spend most of my time with my husband, and we can neither one be around anyone who is ill because of John's liver disease. That really makes it bad since the babies get sick often this time of year.

We are living by faith totally in life now. we always have, but now we have no idea what to do sometimes. God does, and He is our shepherd.

I got my Christmas shopping finished before Thanksgiving so we could be ready to leave any time after that.  Who knows, we may be around here for Christmas, because we may stay in a local hotel until we sell our bus.

Christmas is about Jesus's birth. The birth of our Lord and Savior!  thank you Lord for sending you only son as a virgin birth and the life of a sinless man to teach us. Thank you Jesus for the ultimate sacrifice.
I love the songs of Christmas, and the joy in peoples hearts.

I pray for the homeless, the orphans, the people without food, clothing, money, cars, or decent good running ones. Baby's and children of messed up parents.  I pray for the sick and elderly and their families, especially it is difficult at this time of year.  If I were wealthy, I would help as many people as I could.

God bless you and yours this Christmas and always!

Talk to you soon and thank you for reading.    Please comment if you get a chance, Pam

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