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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Late Night Chatter

Two weeks until the presidenial election. Can you believe it?  The last four years have flown by.  My husband and I will be voting for Romney/Ryan.  We feel that they will be good for America.  They believe in God, Country, the people, jobs, a strong military, friends of Israel, and will make good leaders under any circumstance.

I couldn't fall asleep tonigh from jus thinking about so many things. First I said some prayers, and the next thing I knew, I was thinking about this and that. lol.  So I decided to work on my new post.

Financially so many people are struggling in this economy. We are for sure! We have cut back on our phones, food, gasoline, electric, clothing, and everything that we possibly could.  We are praying everyday that the Lord will show us, and lead us through this tough time. My husband and I are disabled, and on disability. We have had to make some real changes in our lifestyle to make the ends meet, and they still don't. Hospital bills, and certain other bills, have to go to the wayside, or we can't eat,  buy our medicines, or have gas to go to our doctors.  It's just what it is nowadays.  Many are in the same boat as us, or worse.  I have been combing through websites on frugality and cheapskate articles and blogs to get ideas on getting by on almost nothing. We were going to give our apartment up and look for a smaller, cheaper one. But hubby decided we will try to stay here if at all possible.  It's not a real expensive apartment, and we have a handicap parking spot in front of it, and a walk on level with  only one small step. We are trusting God for miracles each month to help us, and He always does.PTL!

Our little bird, Paco is really talking now. He is such a smart tiny bird.  We enjoy him so much!  His words are, Peekaboo, I'm a pretty boy, I'm a sssssilly bird, the wolf whistle, Bob White whistle, Whipoorwill , and other chatter that we are not sure of yet. He is only about 5 inches long, but great entertainment!

I had a couple of rough weeks with the fibromyalgia and arthritis. everytime a cold front comes in to our neck of the woods I have severe pain. Thank God I am some better now.  I am going to a new pain management doctor tomorrow, well, later this morning. lol.  I don't like going to new doctors, but, I changed insurances to save money, and now I have all new dr's. Scary. I pray that they will keep my medicines the same as my former Rhuematologist had prescribed. It helped me, and I have terrible side effects from medicines, and it is difficult for dr's to find something that works to kill the pain without causing me more complications from crazy side effects. We'll see....

Looks like we are having a nice fall. Warm weather mostly, which I love.  I'm sure we are in for some dips in the temperatures as it gets later in October and into November. But so far, so good!

I found a new show on Discovery channel that I really enjoy.  It is called,  Alaska, The Last Frontier. It was on last night. The show is about real back country people, who have lived in the rugged back country of Alaska for a few generations now. It is excellant!  My other favorites are Cheapskates, on TLC, and Gold Rush, on Friday nights on Discovery Channel.  Gold Rush has a brand new season beginning this Friday night. These are reality shows that I can really enjoy!

People are mentioning Christmas already, and I am thinking it is still a long way off.  I want to get past Happy Harvest, and Thansgiving, before I get too excited about Christmas this year.  I just hope I am able to afford a few gifts this year. I love to give more than anything, and I am praying God will help me with that also. I may try to make some gifts this year.

May God bless you!  Thank you for reading my blog. If you have any ideas on frugal living, please feel free to share them here.

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