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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Living Cheap

Hi everyone!    Well so much happens in such a short time in life!  Wouldn't you agree?  Today I would like to say " Praise The Lord from whom all blessing flow!"  Today is the Lord's day and I am rejoicing in his merciful grace and salvation of souls through the blood of Christ, who died on the cross in our place. Amen! Asking Jesus into your heart is the way you become saved for eternal life with the Lord,  in Heaven, when you die, or become Raptured.

I have had some miraculous answers to prayer since I wrote my last blog entry. We have been in much need of money, and we were blessed with $350.00 extra dolloars unexpectedly this month, that kept our electric from being shut off. Also, I have been praying for a free doggie, and that John would agree to. God does everything better than we can imagine.....I happened to be looking on Craig's list for a nice puppy that someone wanted to give away. I found one! A lady gave me a Morkie, which is a Maltese and Yorkie mix. She is white on her body, and cream colored on her ears.  She just turned 5 months old, and her name is Molly. She came with her food, 3 beds, 2 blankets, collar, leash, crate, toys, water and food bowls, potty pads and a tray for them She is up to date on her shots, and she goes on the piddle pads, and or outside, which makes it good for us in case the weather gets snowy or icy, or in cas we are ill and can not take her outside. She goes outside also, which gets me out of the house and moving more. Thank you Lord for your love to me and our puppy. PTL!!!

I have really gotten into the Cheapskate  websights lately. I am always trying to find new ways to save money. Aren't we all? The holidays are coming soon, and there is always room somewhere to save. I want to share some of my ideas with you, and direct you to some sights that teach more about ways to save money. Please share your thought on this and any other subject.


The best way to survive is by asking God to provide for you. He will!

Also cooking at home can save you lots of money. Freeze what you don't use, and save money! Freeze y6our own ice if you don't have and ice maker. Turn all lights off in the rooms you are not using. Unplug appliances that are not in use, and watch your electric bills drop. Freeze fruits or vegetables that may go bad before you use them.

Soups are a cheap way to eat. Make home made soups with stew meat, beef bone, or chicken. Use a can of mixed vegetables, beef broth, tomatoes chopped up, or what ever you woul like. It can fee you or your family for a few meals. Ham and beans are an excellant meal, make some corn bread to go with them, and have a pickle and onion on the side. Yum! Yum!  If you have any leftover, you can eat it, or make refried beans with them.

Clothing from Good Will is nice because it has been tested and weathered to show it's strength. I like it because you can afford name brand clothing from Good Will or other thrift stores. Shoes are already broke in, and clothing fits better when it has been broke in also. Usually you can purchase items that are lightly used or brand new. Thrift stores are the new department store. You will be surprised what you can save by shopping at these bargain stores.  the Dollar Tree and Dollar General are excellant stores to visit! they carry many items that are needed for everyday use and holidays at less than half the price of other stores.

Now to talk about the tragedies left from Hurricane Sandy. It breaks my heart to see fellow Americans is such dire need of basic items. Food, clothing, electricity, homes, and worst of all, loss of lives.  It turned the hands of time back for millions with basic needs not met. Gasoline has become so scarce for heating with genrators, and gas to travel in and around their own neighborhoods.
Please pray for these people, and give to the Salvation Army or the Red Cross in your area...We must reach out to our fellow Americans at this very difficult time. Remember, It could be your neighborhood, your home loss, your relatives in need someday.....

So during this month of Thanksgiving, let's give. Give love, hugs, food, clothing, money, anything you feel your friends, relatives, or neighbors need, and give as unto the Lord

If we would help each other, the needs of our world could be met.

Here are some websites that I want to share with you. God Bless!

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