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Saturday, April 10, 2010

IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT! It is still gorgeous outside! I hope you are having a good one!

Alot going on on Twitter Today for a Saturday! I love that place! It really keeps me in tune with the things going on in this world and life in general. I am a Conservative politically, and I keep up with the Conservative movement there. I love God, my freedoms, and the constitution and all who fought to start this country and those who have fought and are fighting to keep us free! I am thankful for truth, and for those who are wanting to preserve it in America.

I'm inviting Twitterers to visit my blog. I hope I get some response soon...

I enjoy everyone I follow there and all who follow me. At twitter you feel like you are friends with people from all walks in life. Musicians, singers, celebrities, magazines, bloggers, politicians, television personalities,comedians, and just a fantastic variety of good folk. We discuss lots of topics and get very up close and personel.

I hope we can do the same here at Wake Up and Talk.
Feel free to share your thought for today with me. Thanks, Pamela

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