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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bald faced Hornets are Attacking My Dogs in our Back Yard!

I have been researching the net. about Bald Faced Hornets all morning.  they are attacking my 2 dogs in the back yard, and stung my Am. Bulldog the other day.  These are some of the most aggressive insects in the world, I found out.  They are like an Air Force of the bee world, only very aggressive and ruthless attackers!

They were attacking my poor doggies this morning when I let them out to play in the back yard. As I let the dogs in, one hitched a ride on her back into my house!  I am allergic to bee stings and the thing came after me...I screamed for my hubby and then I ran into the basement.  My husband killed it as it was trying to get out through the glass on the back door.  My husband, my hero!

Now, I live in a suberb of St Louis, and there are alot of trees in and around our neighborhood.  I have to try to locate the nest so I can have them exterminated.  This is going to be a real challenge!  I plan to use binoculars to scope out the trees in the area, and ask my neighbors on both sides to see if they have noticed a nest nearby.

I read where these flying warriors kill some pesty varmits like flies, and other things in the food chain.  But when they start to attack my dogs and I am afraid to even go in the back yard, well, the war is on! lol

If I can locate the enemy, I will call a professional exterminator in to get rid of it's nest.  I will let you know from time to time, who is winning this war.

Now, for a more appealing subject, did you open your pool this week?

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