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Thursday, July 7, 2011

So Much Has Happened

Life passes so quickly when you are busy!  Yes, well, that I have been.  I have been babysitting grandchildren. helping my daughter get moved, going to dr. appointments, buying a 5th wheel camper and truck, and many other things.

We have decided to travel around Florida in our 5th wheel.  It is 40' long and very nice.  We will become full timers as they call it in the camping world.  We are cleaning out our whole house and having a rental agency take it over for us. Then we will be on the road to new adventures.  I will be blogging as we go.

The most difficult obstacles we face to get started at this point are,  getting our house cleaned out completely, and getting out 5th wheel road ready.  We were hoping to be on the road originally, in May. It is July 7th, and we are making progress, but are still quite far from getting on the road.

It has been so freeing getting rid of things that we do not use or don't need.   A junk hauling company hauled off a full truck load of junk, and I posted a free ad in Craig's list for someone to come and get my leftovers from a yard sale.  The people who came to pick up the left over yard sale things, got a truckload full of nice things.  They were happy,  and I was very happy!

I am happy to say that my husband is feeling better. His liver disease appears to be  under control at the moment.  John always dreamed of living some where near the ocean, and after our trip to Florida we came to the realization that we both felt much better down there. thus, our decision was made to move there.

Why we decided to buy a 5th wheel camper to live and travel in is because we wanted to be mobile so we can decide exactly where we want to live permanently, and we can travel back to Missouri in case of hurricanes, and for the holidays.

I will keep you informed more often to our journey/

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