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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yes It's Been a While, and I Do Have a Lot to talk About

Where do I begin?

 John has been stable so far with his liver disease.  I am so glad!  Praise God!

 My daughter is separated from her manipulative husband, and now she endlessly  depressed about it. She has had counseling and she simply can't get over him. He plays on this and tells her they will get back together, but so far he is lying.

I have been put on medicines to relieve the Fibro. and arthritis.  John and I have been preparing to live in Florida in a RV full time. We have purchased a 40'? 1989 Elkhart Traveler 5th wheel camper and a F350 Diesel Dully pickup. Our 5th wheel is like new. It has been refurbished inside, and time will tell if we are going to enjoy this life style. It will certainly be an adventure and we are looking forward to the new challenges.  I will be blogging often about our travels.

We bought the 5th wheel up near Chicago, and John and I took turns pulling it back to St Louis.  We were too late getting back to take it to the storage facility, so we took it to a local campground for the night. Our first experience was, we hit a branch on a tree in the campground and dented the top edge of the roof a bit and scratched the side.  bummer!  It is at the rv place now being repaired.  We hope to pick it up soon and start packing up for our new life.

To live in a camper you have to get rid of lots of things.  We have gotten rid of three large trucks full of things we can no longer use,  and have another one left when we are ready to walk out of our house

That has been the hardest part, getting rid of stuff!  But we plan to travel light, except for our computes and tv's.   We hired  a rental agency to rent our house out for us.  That will take a big load off of our shoulders, or  otherwise it would take us a much longer time to leave  The rental agency  will send a crew in to paint, clean carpets, and get the house ready to rent out..

All we have left to do is to sell our two cars, our John Deer Tractor, have my daughter to come and get her boxes of stuff out, getting the rest of our furniture out, and give more stuff  away, and then we can leave.

We plan to take our time while traveling, and sight see along the way.  We have been researching all about this life style on the internet,  and we are trying to be as prepared as possible. We are really looking forward to meeting new people.  I am looking forward to fishing, and drawing, along with writing and blogging.

It has been a scorcher here in St Louis as of late, and the temperature has been less in Florida than here. We plan to stay near the ocean for the nice breezes and activities.  We also plan to travel around Florida to places that we have never been, and then have Panama City Beach as our home base. We have friends there.

I hope your day is bright and your pathways are smooth!  God bless you!  Pamela

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