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Monday, July 25, 2011

What We Are Doing Today To Get Ready To Hit The Road

This blog will reflect our activities leading up to leaving for living in Florida.

Sinus problems keep me up at night and early in the mornings these days. I have chronic sinus infections and I think living in Florida will help me.  It helped them go away last spring when we were on vacation there. this morning I took it easy and drank some warm tea and was on the computer and watching some tube.

We had hit a tree with our 5th wheel the first night we had it, and the REC TEk place said it is totaled.  It's because the roof is now damaged and the camper is a 1989 model, so it has to be stripped on one whole side.of the roof and the side.  Holy Cow!  Now we have to decide if we want to buy it back from the insurance company and just get liability insurance on it.  It is such a beautiful 5th wheel on the inside. It has lots and lots of cabinets made of oak, and everything works in it.  It has so much room and a slide out.  It had just been totally redone inside. We love it already and would sure hate to give it up.  time will tell, between the estimator and the adjuster, and the Lord who we trust to help us.  The conclusion will be for another blog.

I have 2 rooms in the basement of our home completely cleaned out now, and 7 more to  this is the hardest part of going full time RVing so far.  We have to synchronize our priorities for the move just right from here on out.  Clean out my husband's room, (big job!), then kitchen, my room, the grand kids room, and then the living room, and family room in the basement.  Selling 2 cars, and lastly the John Deere lawn tractor.

I am trying to spend some quality time with the grand babies as I will dearly miss them.

So much to do, and it is slow going for these disabled 55+ year olds. But we will git r done eventually.

Please give me suggestions and comments if you can.  Thank you .

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