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Friday, September 19, 2014

A Beautiful Day

Today has been the most beautiful day in a long time. Perfect fall weather and sunshine.

  My heart is saddened though from the loss of a sweet little boy we all called Super Sam. He was an inspiration to thousands of people. He lost a long battle with cancer today.  He had such a sweet spirit, strength of heart, and gentleness through the fight..he touched so many lives and inspired us all! He is in the loving arms of Jesus now, running in such beauty we can not fathom in our mortal minds, and the pain is gone. His parents, sister, and so countless many will miss him and have to go through the long road of grief. But Sam made some of his decisions about living and dying with such brilliance and love, that his memory will have treasures of sweetness to bring smiles to those who loved him.

As fall is progressing, it always makes me think of the fall in our lives. I am there now, and daily i love to laugh and seek happiness above all else.  The most of my years are behind me, and sometimes it's hard to believe how fast they have passed.  Being happy is the best way we can spend our lives if possible. We won't always have lots of money or material things. But if we cherish our children, grand children, pets, sunshine, the comfort of our homes, simplicities that make us smile. We will find something to be happy about every day.

I am so thankful for Facebook, and it's enjoyment. I love my friends there, and what a wonderful way to keep up with family!  music to soothe the soul, groups with the same interests as I have. Laughter and funnies that can' be found anywhere else.  Thank you Facebook!

Friday evening and around the world we are all living different lives. Doing different things, in different cultures. So vastly apart by miles and space, but drawn together by love and good will.

Whoever reads my blog today. I pray you are blessed, and a blessing.  Pamela

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